About Renewal of Premium Domain Name

高防云服务器 企业邮箱 全新登场 1G云虚拟主机 188元/年

1.       What is the value of premium domain?

Premium domains are the names of high quality reserved by registries. Lots of them are featured as shortness, like a.xyz or 66.win.

Those single-character domains are precious and rare at the cost of over millions dollars.

Premium domains enjoy great significance for both investment and end-use.



2.       How many premium extensions do we have?

West.top supports all existing New gTLD premium domain registration service.


3.       How to register premium domain?

Customers can search and register premium domain via the same process as registering regular domain. The only difference is the price of a premium domain is higher than regular one.


4.       How much is the renewal price of premium domain?

*Most premium domains’ renewal price is the same as registration; nevertheless, the renewal price of .cn.com/club/tv/vip is the normal price.

*Renewal price is CNY 188 of the following extensions:



Attention: All premium domains cannot be refunded after deletion.


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企业邮箱 全新登场 1G云虚拟主机 188元/年
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